Previews of Jacquet's research findings about many famous
from the 18th dynasty-Amarna era in the coming book
written and researched by Russell Jacquet-Acea (
(updated 12 Nov 2009)

ALL of these statements are backed up and proven with research sources.  THE TOP TWO UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (until now!) are listed first

*1*. The Queen who sent the letter to the Hittite king Suppiluliuma was QUEEN NEFERTITI,
it was NOT QUEEN ANKHESENAMUN who wrote him the famous letter requesting his son in marriage.

*2*. Pharaoh HARAMHAB (Horemheb) the last Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty ONLY RULED AS PHARAOH FOR 14 YEARS
Horemheb did NOT rule as pharaoh for 27 YEARS nor did he rule as pharaoh for 59 YEARS.

Joseph and the Israelites came into Egypt during the second half of the 18th Dynasty.  The Israelites definitely DID NOT ARRIVE IN EGYPT during the reign of the Hyksos Kings of Egypt during the 17th Dynasty.

The Egyptian Vizier named YuYa who served both Pharaoh Thutmose IV and Pharaoh Amenhotep III is to be identified with the biblical JOSEPH, the son of Jacob-Isreal who became Pharaoh Amenhotep III's stepfather.

YUYA's Egyptian wife Aseneth converted to his religion and became TUYA, their daughter TIYA married pharaoh Amenhotep III and their son AYA later became pharaoh.  Their names indicate their sponsorship and alignment with the monotheistic God YAhweh.

The identity of the biblical twins EPHRAIM and MANESSAH as famous twin Egyptian temple builders has been discovered.

It was an Astronomical SOLAR ECLIPSE event in year 5 which showed Akhenaten where to build the NEW HOLY CITY and move his new capital city of Egypt there which was called Akhetaten which only survived as the Holy City some 17 years.

ATENISM, the monotheistic religious revolution, was the Egyptian expression of the worship of YAHWEH which was more associated with the Royal family and their relatives and Nobles close to them.  Scholars now understand that the more correct pronunciation of ATEN is "YATEN"

Queen Nefertiti ruled AS SOLE PHARAOH OF EGYPT for a brief seven months.

Nefertiti and Akhenaten's daughter Merytaten ruled AS SOLE PHARAOH OF EGYPT for a brief 14 months after her husband SMENKHKARE died as pharaoh of egypt.

It was chiefly due to PLAGUE which wiped out most of the Royal Aten/Yahweh Family and WAR WITH HATTI that Atenism was replaced back again with the older god Amun as the chief god of Egypt.

Pharaoh SETI I reigned as pharaoh for 15 years, just slightly longer than the 12 -13 years believed by most.

The place where the Israelites were held in bondage was the FRONTIER FORTRESS CITY OF AVARIS which they helped rebuild during the time of pharaohs Seti I and Ramesses II.

It was just after The Great War Egypt had in pharaoh MerenPtah's year 5, with at least nine nations and peoples, when The Israelites departed Egypt.

From the time JOSEPH ENTERED EGYPT as a slave to the time the Israelites departed during the Exodus WAS ONLY ABOUT 205 YEARS.  The Israelites DID NOT SPEND 430 YEARS IN EGYPT.

Most of The Israelites lived in the Fortress City/King's Prison at Avaris but it was only during the last 80 - 85 years in Egypt that they were actually held in bondage.

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