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Roseline (or Rosaline) Jacquet was the fourth child born between Rosa Jean Louis and
Jean Baptiste Jolivet Jacquet.  She was born in the year 1869.  As soon as Roseline reached
adulthood she married Julien Lambert on 21 December 1891, in St. Martin Parish.
Julien Lambert was the son of Magloire Lambert and Cecile Thomas
(,p.198).  Julien was born circa 1865 according to both the 1870 and 1880
census.  Julien came from a large family.  His other brothers and sisters were named
Lucille, Joseph, Mary, Florence, Scholastic, Clara, Marie, William and Pacifer
Lambert (*106*). The Marriage document of Roseline and Julien says that Roseline's
parents were Jolivet Jacquet and Rosa Daniel.  As was previously discussed, Rosa
had at least one half brother whose name was Philogene Daniel (also written as
Samuel Philogene Daniel and S. P. Daniel), who quite probably went by the name
Philogene Antoine before he reached his adulthood.  Rosa's mother was Roseline
Antoine and her father was Jean Louis and both Rosa and Philogene probably grew
up with the last name "Antoine" and/or "Daniel" as young children and then had their
surnames changed to what their father's name was when they neared adulthood.
Philogene changing his name from Philogene Antoine to Philogene Daniel and Rosa
changing her name from Rosa Daniel to Rosa Jean-Louis.

Roseline Jacquet and Julien Lambert had at least three children, the first three of which
were all daughters: The first child born to the two was Louise Lambert born on 7 April
1893, and baptized on 24 June 1893 (,p.275).  The next child born to Julien
and Roseline was Marie Rita Lambert who was born on 17 July 1896
(,p.73).  The next child born to Julien and Roseline was Liliane Lambert
who was born on 4 October 1898 (,p.173).

On the census of 1880, we find Roseline living with her parents, her eight other
brothers and sisters and her uncle Onezime Jacquet.  She is eleven years of age and
she and her other five younger brothers and sisters have not attended school yet.  Her
older siblings Rosita, Oscar and Jean Louis Jacquet are at school at the time of the census.
When Roseline's father Jean Baptiste Jolivet Alexandre Jacquet died in 1899, Roseline inherited
a part of her father's estate.  She received 7 & 8/10 arpents (6.63 acres) of property #4,
and 1 & 53/100 arpents (1.3 acres) of property #2 of her father's Estate during the Real
Estate distribution to the wife and 13 children of Jolivet on February 4, 1904.  The
property was located in St. Martin Parish and had a total cash value of $243 (see pages
84 - 86 in volume one).