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  The Sons and daughters of Jean Baptiste Jacquet   pg 71
A History of the Black Jacquets in Louisiana



     ...Jean Baptiste Jolivet Jacquet had been in the hands of Nicholas Cormier
Jr. and his wife Emily Ledoux from the time of the slave estate sale in February 1851, until
sometime during or at the conclusion of the civil war.  Nicholas Cormier had fought for the
Confederates with the 10th Battalion (Yellow Jacket Battalion) as the commander of company C.
He was a Civil War casualty on December 6, 1863.  The responsibilty of the enfranchizing
(freeing) of both Jolivet Jacquet and Rosa Jean Louis fell upon the shoulders of Cormier's widow
Emily Ledoux.  The exact date is not known.  Nicholas Cormier and his wife Emily had three
children, all of whom ended up marrying with the Olivier family.  Their oldest child was Nicholas
Adolphe Cormier (b.6July1853) who naturally inherited property when his father died.  It would
be Nicholas Adolphe who would grant and sell to Jolivet Jacquet, his first property purchase.

  In probably an attempt to balance some of the karma that had befallen the Cormier family upon
the enslavement of the Jacquet family, Nicholas Adolphe Cormier made a very generous transfer
of property to Jolivet.  It was on March 18, 1875, that Nichlas Adolphe Cormier appeared before
the St. Martin parish court recorder Paul A. Ory " grant, bargain, sell, convey, transfer,
assign, deliver and set over under all lawful warranty unto Jolivette Jean
as "The Coteau", 60 acres North, East and West by lands of widow Nicolas Cormier and on the
south by public road leading to "Goth Bridge"...purchased by present vendor from his mother,
the widow Nicolas Cormier (Emily Ledoux)...for the sum of $120."  Two days later on the 20th of
March, Jolivette Jean Baptiste bought the property from Nicolas Adolphe Cormier. (*34*)

   Jolivet and his wife Rosa by now had bought forth two more children in addition to the four
they had already.  Albert Jacquet born on June 21, 1872, and William Alexandre   born on
March 25, 1874.  Rosa was also pregnant at the time with what would be their seventh child born
between the union of the two of them in the last nine years, that of Martin Jacquet who would
be born two days before Christmas on December 23, 1875.  With their big family rapidly getting
larger each year, it was no wonder when  Jolivet would seek out enough land to enable his family
to grow and for his brothers to live on as well.

   The next eight years saw Jolivet and Rosa give birth to four more children: Pierre St. Ville
(Stanville), born on February 17, 1877; Athanaise, born on September 8, 1878; Gilbert Joseph
born on June 28, 1881; and Marie Rose  born on January 12, 1883.   The 1880 census shows
Jolivet and Rosa with their nine children and Jolivet's brother Onezime living with him.  The next
house shows Nicholas Adolphe Cormier and his family living there.  It appears that Jolivet's
brother Oscar Jacquet and his wife and five children, as well as Jolivet's brother Edward
Jacquet  and his wife and four children and niece Felicie Berard are living with the Jules
Bourque  family.   It would not be long before his brothers could move out and live on their own
property for it would be in July of 1884, that Jolivet would go in partnership with his brothers
Onezime, Oscar, Hypolite and Edward to purchase a sizable piece of property from C. T. Cadeas.
The five brothers divided up the property and each brother received approximately 40 acres worth
of land.  The land was in the same area as the first purchase in 1875 and was bounded by lands of
Cormier and Bourque. (*30, 35*)  We do not know the exact geometrics of each of the five
Jacquet brother's partition of the property purchase, however the set-up was as follows which is
according to the succession records of Oscar which said he "was bounded east by Onezime and
west by Mrs. Chet Landry"; Onezime who was "bounded east by Hypolite, west by Oscar"; and
Jolivet's which said he was "bounded east by Cormier and west by Edward Jacquet": (*30, 35, 63*)

   Jolivet and Rosa would have three more children before the decade of the 1890's would roll in:
Helouise who must have been born some where between 1883 and 1888, for she married
Auguste Michel in 1906; Lo Lo Louis born on August 20, 1888; and  Mitchel (or Michel)
born on October 24, 1889.  That made a total of 14 children born between the union of Jolivet
Jacquet and his wife Rosa Jean Louis.  In addition they each had two children with other loved
ones before their marriage and it could be that Jolivet actually had three.  The year of 1891 would
see Jolivet's mother Celeste pass away.  In November of 1893, Jolivet would again purchase more
Real Estate as he would purchase a 78 acre tract of land situated at Coteau in St. Martin parish
from Leon Laurence or (Lorins.)  The property bordered the bayou Tortue on the east, went
through the heart of Cade to the other side of the railroad tracks.

The death of Jolivet Jacquet and his property distribution

   It would be the fateful day of the twenty-first day of the month of may, in the year 1899, that
Jean Baptiste Jolivet Alexandre Jacquet would depart this life at his home.  It was not a good year
for Jolivet's wife Rosa as she would also see her son Martin Jacquet die on August 29, 1899.
It took but three days for Rosa and her family of Jacquets to decide what to do with the
considerable amount of property that her husband Jean Baptiste Jolivet had left behind.  There
was a family meeting on May 24, 1899, upon the death of Jean Baptiste Jolivet Jacquet in which
the heirs of his estate, which included his wife and 14 children, decided to "...wait until the last
minor becomes of age before dividing the property up.  Until then it shall remain in charge and
under the control of Rosa Jacquet..."  The document was signed by Rosa and Jolivet's children as
well as other family relatives. *(38*)

   The year must have been a difficult one for Rosa, having lost her husband and son Martin and
being left with five children under the age of adulthood.  Nevertheless, on February 8, 1900, Rosa
Jean Louis, widow of Jean Baptiste Jacquet, through her brother S. P. Daniel, and brother-in-law
Oscar Jacquet as counsel, petitioned the St. Martin parish court for the inventory and appraisal of
her late husbands estate.  Oscar and S. P. Daniel were both appointed to be appraisers by the
court.  The inventory and appraisement of the estate of the late Jean Baptiste Jacquet included the