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The genealogy of Elizabeth Egas

Elizabeth's parents were Maria Gracita Mallory and Agustin Tiburcio Egas.  Both of
her parents were immigrants, who came to the United States in their teenage years.
Agustin from Ecuador and Maria from the Bahama's Grand Turk Island.
Elizabeth's mother Maria Gracita Mallory was born on British West Indies’ Grand Turk Island in
the Bahamas on 26 Mar 1904.  She was baptized on 12 June 1904, in St. Thomas
parish, according to Grand Turk birth records.  Maria was the daughter of Alexander
Mallory and Elizabeth Cox.  Her parents married on 28 April 1901, (*91*).  Witnesses
to the marriage were Alexander Cox and Thaddeus J. Williams.  If the Alexander Cox
at this wedding was Elizabeth's father, then he could have been the one who married
Caroline Marriott on 23 May 1872, who later gave birth to Elizabeth Ann Cox on 30
Dec 1882.  Alexander Mallory was born circa 1870.  Maria’s mother, Elizabeth Cox,
was said to have been a White woman of very faired skin whose parents were
Portugese.  Elizabeth Cox may have been born in Portugal. Maria Mallory was actually
the 2nd child born to Alexander and Elizabeth Cox.  The first child was Maria's older
brother named Jonathan Alexander Mallory born on 1 May 1902, and baptized on 20
July 1902, in St. George parish, but who unfortunatly died at an early age.  Family
historical stories say that Jonathan was born in the image of his mother, white skinned,
straight hair while Maria was born in the image of her father being of much darker skin.
It is said that Jonathan’s death was brought on from community members by their
jealousy and envy of his handsome and fair skinned nature.  On many occasions and
her own words, Maria Gracita Mallory described her brother:  “...Jon was fair skinned
like his mom, long straight hair...they were jealous of his handsome looks and killed him
with voodoo!”

Elizabeth Cox died shortly after the birth of Maria Mallory, sometime before July of
1907.  After the death of his first wife Elizabeth Cox,  Alexander Mallory married a
second time to  Anna Francis on 4 July 1907 (*91*).  Witnesses to the marriage were
James H. Lightbourn and Jestina Garland.  There was at least one child born
between Alexander and Anne Francis, a daughter, at the time of the birth un-named,
born on 18 June 1908, in St. Thomas parish, Turks Island.   It was well known by the
Egas family that there were relatives in Turks Island in the Garland family.  One such
relative who kept in contact from time to time was Elizabeth B (or) L Garland, who
wrote in a letter to Elizabeth Egas on 11 February 1974 that:

“Dear we all have a big house with eight with
me one daughter and (her) husband and (their) two children and seven other
(of my) children, and I have three (other children) away in (the) Bahamas
married there with their children, and two in Miami Florida, so I got a lot of
family, thirteen children my husband and I have, the youngest one is twelve
years old this month and the oldest one thirty three years old...I’ve got three
daughters in high school getting ready to take exams...and next March the
tenth, I will be fifty mother’s been dead on April the sixth, twenty
nine years, and my grand-mother which was your mother’s mother been
dead now twenty one years...”  *(142)*

It is most likely that the “grand-mother which was your mother’s mother” was Anne
Francis, the second wife of Alexander Mallory and the step-mother of Maria Gracita
Mallory.  This is from the almost certain fact that Alexander Mallory and Elizabeth
Cox had only two children, Jonathan and Maria.  If in fact, Elizabeth Cox “died in
childbirth”, circa 1904, when Maria was born, then the “grand-mother” of Elizabeth
Garland has to Anna Francis and Elizabeth Garland’s mother would be a daughter
born between Anne Francis and Alexander Mallory.  The records show that there was
a daughter born between the two on 18 June 1908, in St. Thomas parish on Turks
Island.  If this is indeed the scenario, then Elizabeth Garland’s mother was three
months away from her 15th birthday at the age of 14, when she gave birth to Elizabeth
Garland who was born on 10 March 1923, according to her letter.  This would put the
death date of Anne Francis at circa December 1953, and the death date of her mother
at 6 April 1945...

...Alexander Mallory had a brother named Benjamin Nathaniel Mallory who married
Constance Valaria Williams on 5 Nov 1914 (*91*).  Witnesses to the marriage were
James E. Dickenson and Philistina Louisa Williams.  Since the Mallory family were
said to be closely related to the Lightbourn family, then there is the possibility that there
was another brother named John Benjamin Mallory who married Clemencia Janet
Clare on 22 June 1904 (*91*).  Witnesses at this marriage were Nathaniel Mallory,
James A. Lightbourn and John N. Lightbourne.  Alexander Mallory did not live his
life to its fullness as he was on the great boat tradgedy of 1919.  During a fishing trip
out to sea, there was a hurricane on 12 Jan 1919 which capsized the boat and drowned
Alexander Mallory at the age of 49, and all of the 28 male passengers aboard the ship
named "The Yuna"  (*95*)...

...It must have been a difficult year for Maria Mallory, having lost her father at the age of
14, and having to be raised by her stepmother Anne Francis whom she never got
along with too well.  However, about a year later, sometime around her 16th birthday,
Maria would decide to change her whole life.  Her friend Ann was on her way to New
York to work for a doctor and convinced Maria to come with her.  Maria did not have the
money to pay for such a trip and somehow made herself a stow-away on the ship "The
Iroquois" or quite possibly the name may have been "The Algonkin".   Maria Gracita
Mallory, a British Subject, arrived at Ellis Island in New York City on 23 March 1920.
The US Customs identification description gives Maria's birth date as March of 1903,
and her age as 17...